National Guard
Thecrazies 11

Date Formed

1903 to the Present




Colt M4A1 Carbine



Sub-machine guns

The military, specifically the U.S. Army, was sent to a Ogden Marsh, Iowa to contain a bioweapon created to cripple a population. However, the National Guard followed by specialists in biohazard suits took over the town with crude and brutal martial law. The military managed to screen all of Ogden Marsh's residents. Later that night, they shipped non infected residents to an outpost not too far from Ogden Marsh where uninfected residents got medical wristbands presumably to track and to indentify the residents of Ogden Marsh. The green wristbands also represented that people were clean of the disease. By this time, the citizens were carted away in various vechicles. Some were taken in cattle trucks used before. Following this, the military was orded to exterimate any remaing townfolk in Ogden Marsh. When David and Judy get to a truck stop, they see that the uninfected were shot and burned like the McGregor family. However, this was not the fate of all residents of Ogden Marsh. As a last resort, the military called in a large bomb (presumably a large fuel-air bomb), which effectively destroyed all the "Crazies" and anyone trapped in the town.
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