"Sheriff" David Dutton
David Dutton


Mid 30's to Early 40's




Local Sheriff



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David Dutton is the main character in The Crazies he is based on the original character of the same name.


David Dutton is the sheriff of Ogden Marsh. He lives with his wife; Judy Dutten, the two of them are anticipating the birth of their child.

David, and deputy; Russell Clank are at the local baseball game, but Rory Hamill walks on to the pitch with a loaded shotgun, David tries to reason, but is ultimately forced to kill Rory. David makes a visit to the mortician, he is informed by Russell that Rory's wife has arrived, he tries to ensure Peggy that he had no other choice, but she slaps him, shaken with grief David begins to notice the sudden strange behaviour of the town's residents.

Later, David, and his wife learn that Bill Farnum killed his family.

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