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Becca is an ill-fated main character in The Crazies, and portrayed by Danielle Panabaker; best known for her other ill-fated role in Friday the 13th. Becca is said to be based off the character Kathy in the original movie.

The CraziesEdit

Becca is Judy Dutton's assisant, and is in a relationship with Scotty McGregor. Becca would lie to Judy, and try to get off work so she could hang out with Scotty, and in the film, Judy who is aware of this allows Becca to go, and meet up with her boyfriend.

Sometime later, Becca is taken by the military to the quaratined high school, where she is classified as infected, and taken to the main room where she is strapped to a table, where she is experimented on by the doctors and
soldiers. Judy Dutton is later mistaken for a infected, and taken to the same room, and suddenly Infected attack the base, and overrun it, and both Becca and Judy are left in the dark.

The infected Ben Sandborn enters the room, and begins to kill other patients who have either been mistaken as infected, or are generally infected. After Becca makes a noise, Ben takes his attention to her, and is ready to attack her until Judy distracts Ben, and Ben goes to kill Judy as a result, until Becca, and Judy are saved by Judy's husband sheriff David Dutton, and his loyal deputy Russell Clank

Becca and the group begin to move through town, looking for operable vehicles, and barely avoid several infected. With no vehicles, they reluctantly decide to continue through town, and cross through the fields. Doing so Becca and the group come across Scotty's farm, but Scotty believes that Becca is infected. Russell disarms Scotty, and the two are reunited. Moments later, soldiers raid the farm, and look for any potential infected. Avoiding the Army, Becca, Scotty, and the group take shelter in the barn, until Scotty runs out to stop the soldiers shooting his mom. Scotty is killed during the process. Trying to keep her tears in, Becca is comforted by Judy, and both David and Russell disarm one of the soldiers and convince him to let them go. The group continues to David and Judy's house where they repair a patrol car, and head out on the road.

On the road, they are spotted by an attack helicopter, and forced to take shelter in a car wash. In the car wash, Becca sees several figures before being attacked by Infected; both David and Russell are able to kill most of
Becca Dead
them. One of the infected on the roof of the car wraps a hose around Becca's neck. Russel tries to save her but the hose yanks her out the back window and hangs her. The rest of the trio get out of the car and try to revive her, but are too late - Becca is now dead.
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